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I do retreats and workshops for both women and men that wants to learn how to unlock emotional blockages and expand their pleasure.

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Pleasure Awakening

A 8 weeks group coaching program for women that want to take their pleasure to the next level!

This program is for women who:  

♥ want to deep dive into her sexuality and awaken her endless capacity of feeling pleasure.

♥ want to leave old patterns of low self worth and embody safety, self love and worthiness of being loved.

♥ is longing to release childhood wounds that is running her sex-life and relationships and make she feel disconnected from her pleasure.

 long to feel free in her body and in her sexuality.

♥ wish for more clarity of what might be holding her back from experiencing what she truly desire as well as deepening her relationship with her power and truth.

♥ want to get a solid pleasure- and self love practice routine in her daily life and learn different powerful and juicy pleasure practices that she can choose from.

 want to be able to make decisions and take actions that are in alignment with what truly helps her to thrive in sex, love, relationships, business and life.

♥ longs for the healing effects of being in a community of women and sisterhood.

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“Sanna’s workshop was definitly a peak of my month! Sanna created a very safe and comfortable space for us to be open and honest to each other in the group but most importantly to ourselves. Since the workshop I’ve been much more aware of my relationship to my vagina and we are slowly building up a healthy relationship to each other again. This means so much to me!


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“Sanna is a true force of nature. Her space holding is delicate like a feather and sweet like honey. I felt very safe, held and inspired by Sanna.

I really enjoyed the sacred and intimate space she shared and admiring the yummy essence she is shining. Thank you for sharing your magic and gift to the world.”



What is included in the program?

♥ 8 x 2 hour-long live Pleasure and Self Love group-session with lifetime access to the recordings. (1 each week)

♥ Home practices offered after each session for you to stay connected every day with downloadable audio guide which will be yours to keep.

♥ The first 10 women who pay in full, get a 1 : 1 Coaching Session with me. Value: 300€/3000 sek/session

♥ A sisterhood Facebook Group for you to support each other and exchange about your experiences.

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What we’ll cover…


♥ Week 1 – Body and Pussy Love

What you’ll learn from this week:

  • Tools in how to build a deeper, healthy and loving connection to your body and pussy
  • How to listen to your body’s language and wisdom and how to tune into your pussy’s needs, wants and desires
  • New ways to feel your body and your sensations
  • How to be more present with what is alive in you

Week 2 – Who is running the show?

What you’ll learn from this week:

  • Reconnect with lost parts of your selves that you’ve been shut down
  • How to release conditioning from the past about how you should behave as a woman, what you should look, feel or be like.
  • Deeper understanding around you’re behaviors and ideas around sex, intimacy and relationships and how to create a new sex narrative that is aligned with what you desire
  • To recognize when a part of you (often your inner child) is running the show in your sex-life and your relationships in a way that is not serving you and how to give this part what it needs so that you can access more pleasure and connection in your life

Week 3 & 4 – Trauma Awareness & Resourcing

What you’ll learn from this week:

  • Practical tools in how let go of trapped emotions and residue from past traumatic experiences such as breath work and de-armouring tools
  • How to resource, calm and relaxe your nervous system

♥ Week 5 – Emotional Empowerment

What you’ll learn from this week:

  • You will learn how you can experience and be with different emotions inside of your body instead of being overwhelmed by them or avoiding them.
  • Learn how to let challenging emotions like anger, fear and disgust co-exist with your sexual energy and flow through your body as you’re making love.
  • How to have sex as an active form of meditation where everything that comes alive is included.

 ♥ Week 6 & 7 – Orgasmic Pleasure

What you’ll learn from this week:

  • Different pleasure- and self love practices that will increase you capacity to hold and expand your pleasure and supports you to feel orgasmic states that will blow your mind.
  • How to spark your desire and activate your internal glow that will connect you more deeply to yourself, your partner and the world around you
  • Different ways you can awake and experience pleasure in your body and in your daily life.
  • About different orgasms and about the components of orgasms and how to play with these.

♥ Week 8 – Manifesting what you desire

 What you’ll learn from this week:

  • The last week is epic! You’ll use everything you have learned during the course and use it in a beautiful and powerful Sex Magic Ritual.
  • A deeper understanding in what you truly desire in your life.
  • How to fully step into the power from your pleasure and how to cultivate and use your sexual energy to create and manifest what you truly desire, whether it’s your dream job, your dream partner or some other of your wildest visions and projects.
  • How to keep this empowered and focused connection to your pleasure and desires alive, also after this course.


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“Sanna’s authenticity made me feel held, calm, safe and invited to be authentic myself. This helped me to focus 100% on Sannas guidance and also being present with myself wich felt important in a intimate, meditative content as this.

I felt a beautiful sisterly support and bonding with the other participants and this safe and calm setting, combined with the powerful exercises, let me go deep in my own process, and I experienced a strong, healing connection with my yoni and my heart. I also felt a release of built-up emotions and a renewed dedication to respect and nurture my body


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