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My story, work & passion

See a movie about my experience of living with sexual trauma, pain and numbness.

It’s also about the work that radically shifted so much for me and that I’m now so passionate to share with others.

My philosophy

Healing of sexual trauma is always possible.

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Healing sexual trauma and pain is always possible and one of the most powerful ways is through unconditional self love and acceptance

Almost all emotional wounds and traumas arise from the lack of love or the perception that love was not there. Unconditional and total self love and acceptance means that we embrace everything and every part of our selves.

That we understand them, hold them and love them just the way they are and show up in the moment. Everything is included, all thoughts, all emotions and sensations and yes, even that deepest fear and pain that can feel so difficult to include.

In order to heal trauma we need to be brave enough to stay and feel all that we often do our very best to avoid, but it’s possible and we can learn how to do that from a safe and integrated place inside of us. Because true safety comes from within.

As a foundation of this work, we need to get clarity around why certain parts of us, often unconscious, are blocking us from having what we really desire. They might feel like a big resistance, in form of anger, fear or judgments and most often this parts is there to protect us from what we once needed to be protected from.

Underneath these protective mechanisms our true nature exists. It is from here we can start to live our lives fully and reclaim our sexual pleasure, power and freedom.

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About me

Hi, I’m Sanna, on the picture below.

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Living with sexual trauma

For over 15 years, I lived with severe pain in my vulva and a fear of intimacy and sex. I was longing to be intimate with my partner, but my body ended up in a reaction of fear and resistance as soon as we approached sex. I wasn’t aware of and in contact with my emotions very well at that time and then I wouldn’t say myself that I was feeling unsafe, since that experience was normal for me during sex.

I sought help in every possible way to heal these pains and I really wanted to understand why I felt all this fear and resistance of letting someone close to me.

Healing from fear of intimacy

Years of energy work and spiritual healing led me to a deep and profound Somatic Sex & Relationship Coach education. I learned a new way to bridge all that information that I had gained in countless courses, books and therapy sessions with tools that lead to real transformation.

Now I feel more love, joy, safety and pleasure than I ever thought was possible. And for me it was nothing that really shifted until I started doing this work that I’m now so passionate about sharing with others.

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“And for me it was nothing that really shifted until I started doing this work that I’m now so passionate about sharing with others.”

What to expect from this work

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A rewarding challenge

The results I get for my clients is that they experience clarity around their bodies unique language and about why they for example haven’t felt safe and from there they start to feel love and acceptance towards them selves, EVEN towards the pain, numbness and those challenging emotions.

Here is where true healing can begin. When you understand that it´s not something that is broken or wrong with you, that you are whole as you are and fully capable of experiencing so much pleasure, it will be more space for what you have been longing for in life such as aliveness, connection and pleasure. 

And it all comes from within!

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“As a coach Sanna is warm, open and freeing in many ways. She made me feel safe, both in who I am and also in opening up for the problems and the emotions I felt. I am forever grateful for the teachings she have given me.”


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This work is so freakin’ good! Both Sanna and the methods she’s using are extraordinary. I’ve worked with my sexual pains and problems before, but this really shifted my whole perception of what my sexuality is and how I can be free in it.

Sanna’s ability to listen into what is needed in the moment has made me feel so seen. I’ve gotten so many valuable tools and I feel excited about continuing the work with myself. I would highly recommend this work and coaching to all women!


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Some things are not just meant to be understood by the mind.

So many times that I have been trying to analyze and understand my patterns and challenges in s*x and intimacy intellectually, without the feeling of ease and integration. But then when I have an embodied experience of it, somehow it suddenly make sense.

In my coaching sessions I use a somatic body-based approach to explore deep ... See more

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