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Hi, I’m Sanna, on the picture below.

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Living with sexual trauma

For over 15 years, I lived with severe pain in my vulva and a fear of intimacy and sex. I was longing to be intimate with my partner, but my body ended up in a reaction of fear and resistance as soon as we approached sex. I wasn’t aware of and in contact with my emotions very well at that time and then I wouldn’t say myself that I was feeling unsafe, since that experience was normal for me during sex.

I sought help in every possible way to heal these pains and I really wanted to understand why I felt all this fear and resistance of letting someone close to me.

Healing from fear of intimacy

Years of energy work and spiritual healing led me to a deep and profound Somatic Sex Coach education. I learned a new way to bridge all that information that I had gained in countless courses, books and therapy sessions with tools that lead to real transformation.

Now I feel more love, joy, safety and pleasure than I ever thought was possible. And for me it was nothing that really shifted until I started doing this work that Im now so passionate about sharing with others.

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“And for me it was nothing that really shifted until I started doing this work that I’m now so passionate about sharing with others.”

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From despair to connection

When my clients come to me they often don’t feel safe and free during intimacy and sex and it is often connected to struggling and with negative emotions. They feel disconnected from their sexuality and instead of pleasure, there is often tension, pain or numbness.

Many feel like they have tried everything and seen both different doctors and specialists without experiencing a lasting change.

I help my clients how to reconnect with their sexual wholeness and how to live their life fully by teaching tools that lead to the experience of unconditional self love, aliveness, and full on pleasure.

My methodology

I can help you break the cycle of pain, numbness and fear that is connected to sex and intimacy. You can do this through learning how to connect and listen to what your body is saying beneath and how to stay present with what is alive and hold it in a loving way.

I teach how to shift focus from an exhausting fight with the body to a loving and empathetic teamwork.

My methodology is transformational coaching that includes inner child work, meditation, breath work and holistic sex tools that creates more self love, pleasure and safety from within.

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“As a coach Sanna is warm, open and freeing in many ways. She made me feel safe, both in who I am and also in open ip for the problems and emotions I felt. I am forever grateful for the teachings she have given me.”


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“I want to thank Sanna from the bottom of my heart. To hear her own powerful journey and to receive all her knowledge gave me so much and is worth all the gold in the world”


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